29 October 2016
Event Location
Asia/Tbilisi timezone
VI-SEEM Training Event

VI-SEEM Climate national training event in Tbilisi, Georgia aiming to train targeted user communities in climate models and using the VI-SEEM infrastructure and services.

The program of the training is following:

WRF-Chem application and tools

1. How to set up and run the WRF (the meteorological driver) model and the WRF-Chem model over the south Caucasus domain.

2. Dust erosions modeling in WRF-Chem simulation for this region.

3. Tools (ncl, ncview) and software for the manipulation and visualization of the model's output.

4. RegCM4 model code, installation and run.

Climate application and tools

Overview of climate change modelling regionalization methods and future projection scenarios.

1. Main drivers for long-range climate prediction; climate change scenarios.

2. GCMs’ (General Circulation Models) development way and current status.

3. IPCC’s activities and reports.

4. Regional climate models and other ways to predict regional climate characters.

5. RegCM4 model code, installation, structure, main steps to run model.


The training will be held at the Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association GRENA office on October 29 between 12:00-17:00.


- Nato Kutaladze Department of Hydrometeorology of National Environmental Agency

- Giorgi Mikuchadze Tbilisi State University

In addition Ramaz Kvatadze will make announcement about 1st Call for proposals for projects accessing VI-SEEM Services.

Event Location
Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association GRENA office
10 Chovelidze street, 0106, Tbilisi, Georgia