The Department of Participation and Open Actions of GRNET 's Digital Governance Directorate, is organizing an online presentation in the context of Techdays, hosting the Swedish "BankID Digital Identity Platform"

The main objective of the online presentation is to share “The BankID Way of Working” in order to deploy, maintain, develop and scale a digital ID in society from a more tech/security stand point.

The goals:

When stake holders in the management of Digital ID´s are interested in BankID for various reasons, BankID goal with a dialogue may vary due to different pre-requisites, but one overall goal is always present, a goal that is valid even in the dialogue with GRNET. Namely to create a deeper understanding for what makes a Digital ID secure with ecosystem scalability in society.

Benefitting all stake holders such as users, ID-issuers and service providers relying their services upon the digital ID for a broad range of use cases within eg. governmental organisations, banks, insurance companies, health care/medical, (e-)commerce, car as a service, car sharing, P2P payments etc. 

BankID would be happy to extend the dialogue with GRNET and eventual related stake holders within the field, but then preferably under NDA.


Thursday 06.10.22 | 16:00 - 17:30



(The link to the video conference will be sent after registration)


Andreas Bergqvist 

 Andreas is CSO and CISO for BankID and holds the overall responsibility when it comes to security. He has some 20 years of experience in the security field and has previously been the group CISO for Sweden’s largest Telco-provider and also for one of Sweden’s largest banks. Andreas has a very strong and passionate attitude when it comes to security and his primary focus is to make it usable and efficient from a business standpoint, without compromising the fundamentals of security. An achievement when it comes to security is when it is so integrated that the organization doesn’t see it as something extra but rather a natural part of their daily work.

Robert Carlsson

Robert is Chief Product Security Manager and thereby responsible for BankID product suite security including step-up authentications. He previously held the position CSO/CISO at BankID and have been with the company for soon 20 years.

Over the years Robert has designed BankID fraud and risk management systems, issuing system, authentication system and the transaction signing system. He has as well been chief architect.
Before joining BankID, Robert was responsible for e-services build-up including security for one of the largest banks in Sweden.
Robert holds 25+ years of experience within the field.

Robert has a true passion for the creation of easy to use solutions while providing class leading security. Making complex systems landscapes working together, creating synergizing effects while protecting individuals, organizations and nations in a cost-effective manner makes Robert tick.

Karin Hermansson 

Karin is an International Sales Executive working with BankID international expansion. She has a solid experience in working with complex enterprise solution sales in an international context. 

Primary focus as well as areas of expertise are partnership management creating strong and sustainable business models and co-operation securing “win-win” or “win-win-win”, long term as well as short term. Karin is passionate in tech solutions simplifying people’s everyday life, adding value to themselves as well as to other stake holders in society, where BankID constitutes a perfect example. 

Roland Jansson

Roland is a senior Head of Enterprise Sales and has been contributing to several business process intense SaaS-companies international growth for the last 13 years, both operationally as well as being member of the Board of Directors. Complex SaaS solutions interacting in ecosystems has been a common thread both for Roland himself as well as for the companies where he has been engaged. He runs his own business since early 2022 as Management Consultant and Interim Manager, mainly focused upon management of complex ecosystem sales and related. Roland is engaged by BankID to support it’s business internationalization.



1.      BankID short intro

  • The company, The platform, Light demo

2.      Functionality

      During this session we monitor separate as well as aggregated functionalities in the BankID platform.

  • Digital ID issuing
  • Authentication
  • Digital transactional signature
  • Digital Onboarding, incl. 

          i. ID document verification (Passport and ID-card)
          ii.Biometrics / face recognition 

  • Risk & fraud capabilities 

          i. Risk-engine & Anti-fraud

3.      Security & Tech
      During this session, we walk through subjects according to below, please note not in chronological order as they integrate into each other

  • Way of working. How come 18 years without breaches?
  • High level security description
  • Tech overview, how does it work
  • Development, Architecture and Operations. BankID way of working from these perspectives in order to ensure security, quality, performance and availability

4.      Q&A

  • Questions, answers and discussions that hasn’t been handled during the presentation


90 minutes