Vi-SEEM NAT-MD LS:Usage of VI-SEEM infrastructure for Mobile DICOM

Festive Hall 4 (Republic of Moldova)

Festive Hall 4

Republic of Moldova

Chisinau, str. Toma Ciorba 1
Alexandr Golubev (AO Renam)

The problem of storage and visualization of medical images collected by various medical equipment is actual for latest 10 years for every medical institution.

On the other hand, access to the medical investigation datasets and solving the problem of personal patient data security is important for scientific community and institutions that require this data.

“DICOM Network” project was developed for solving these problems for different actors in the system based on the various customized roles. This article describes the problems and possible solutions for optimization of medical images storing, providing stable and secure access, based on the distributed warehouse for huge volumes of data with different levels of access.

VI-SEEM project deploys and offering user-friendly integrated e-Infrastructure platform for Scientific Communities in Climatology, Life Sciences and Cultural Heritage for the South-Europe and Mediterranean regions by linking compute, data and visualization resources, as well as generalized services, software and tools.

This Training event is focused on benefits of using VI-SEEM infrastructure for working in DICOM Network for Doctors and Researchers. Special task is using VI-SEEM infrastructureand services for Mobile version of DICOM Viewer that will make benefits for doctors and patients.


  • Alexandr Golubev
  • Botnari Maxim
  • Brus Eugeniu
  • Carasciuc Olga
  • Chicot Oleg
  • Chirchin Iulian
  • Crocos Alexandru
  • Curov Igor
  • Druta Andrei
  • Gilca Eugeniu
  • Golubev Natalia
  • Golubeva Irina
  • Gorceac Gheorge
  • Luchianov Ghenadii
  • Novicova Valeria
  • Osadcii Andrei
  • Pintea Constantin
  • Tofan Maria
  • Turciac Carolina
  • Volontir Liviu
  • Zagadailov Diana
    • 15:30 16:30
      Advanced Integration into VI-SEEM Platform.: "Triagle VI-SEEM->DICOM Network->Hipocrate".
      Convener: Ms Natalia Golubev (IMSP IMU - Sectia tehnologii informationale)
    • 16:30 17:30
      Advanced Integration into VI-SEEM Platform.: Advantages and of using VI-SEEM Platform for "DICOM Network Mobile".
      Convener: Alexandr Golubev (AO Renam)
    • 17:30 18:30
      Advanced Integration into VI-SEEM Platform.: RadEX - Radiography Investigations Exchange Platform.
      Convener: Mrs Olga Carasciuc (Ingradient - Administrator)