7-8 May 2018
The Cyprus Insitute
Europe/Nicosia timezone
VI-SEEM Training Event

Nonuments, in other words hidden, erased, unwanted and otherwise forgotten monuments and built structures, are part of European Cultural Heritage. Cyprus is home to many Nonuments, such as Limassol's Carob Mill and other industrial old architectural buildings abandoned, or located in deserted areas and people do not have access to them. Significant effort to document them digitally by means of 3D photogrammetric techniques is under way by local and international partners. The workshop will introduce participants to various computational tools and techniques of image-based documentation of historic buildings, monuments or sites, as well as to relevant methodologies and software for managing the collected unstructured data that describe the scanned structures. In addition, the workshop will offer a field demonstration of how to use drones to document structures and buildings. The workshop is scheduled for the 7th and 8th of May 2018.

The Cyprus Insitute
STARC Conference Room
The Cyprus Insitute, Athalassa Campus 20 Konstantinou Kavafi Street 2121, Aglantzia Nicosia Cyprus

The first day will be held at the Cyprus Institute, where the attendees will be given the opportunity to get informed about ongoing work pursued at the three research centers of the Institute. The presentations will focus on topics such as photogrammetry, visualization and data management. In addition the participants will be informed about the H2020 VI-SEEM project, and discuss how the project can enhance their research enquiries and operation. Also the participants of the workshop will be introduced to the vision of SIMDAS, a Centre of Excellence for Simulation and Data Science in order to be informed about how their work could be benefitted by the capacity of this Centre. They will also have the opportunity to visit Cy-Tera, the High Performance Computing facility of the Institute, and the Unmanned Systems Research Laboratory that conducts aerial surveys for atmospheric measurements and remote sensing applications. In the second day the attendees will take a day-long trip to Limassol, where they will visit the Carob Mill. With the support of CyI experts in aerial surveys with the use of drones and in photogrammetry, they will scan the Nonument of the Carob Mill. In the afternoon, follow a short Traditional Cypriot lunch, the participants will work with experts to process the documented image-based data in order to generate the 3D reconstruction of the Carob Mill.